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If you follow developments of Apple Computers and imac, iphone, ithis, ithat, etc., you may be part of a very large group of people who spend considerable time anticipating new product developments. And certainly for every class of consumer products you have early adopters who pride themselves on having the latest and greatest gadget.

I would like to posit that what EEStor is working to produce may be the most widely anticipated technology ever in history in terms of commercial and governmental organaizations. By anticipated, I mean spending time tracking and following EEStor's development and speculating about it's use, impact and transformational effect on multiple large industries.

In comparison to an iPhone, what we're all focused on here at this site is nothing less than world changing having the potential to disrupt several industries rapidly. This cannot be overstated given the claims that originated in EEStor's early patents.

So, as the scientists here point out, "with extraordinary claims comes the requirement for extraordinary proof" and I will add to it extraordinary anticipation, discussion, dissection, hair splitting and yes, occasionally going around in circles.

Obviously, the investment anxiety is it's own animal. But I find the anxiety among those people who are simply looking for an energy solution fascinating. I especially love it when well informed people come along to shoe everyone away with "move along, there's nothing to see here." ...and then they hang out for a few months. :-)

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