Saturday, September 8, 2007

New York Times article

The New York Times also ran the original article

Wikipedia Link

Here's the wikipedia link for EEStor.

The current wikipedia overview:

EEstor is a company based in Cedar Park, Texas, USA. It is a start up company pioneering a new energy storage technology.
The company claims to have developed a superior type of supercapacitor, using barium titanate coated with aluminum oxide and glass, to achieve a level of capacitance much higher than what is currently available in the market.
Using this technology the company claims that it can produce a high energy storage device that will be superior to current chemical batteries. The company has started construction of new production facilities to bring their product to market.
Richard Weir is CEO and President, as well as the inventor named on their principal technology patent.
Equity funding for the company appears to come predominantly from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
If the technology works as claimed, a five-minute charge costing $9 would give the battery enough energy to drive a small car 500 miles. Toronto, Canada-based Feel Good Cars, which operates Zenn Motor, said in the last week of April, 2007, that it had invested $2.5 million in EEStor.