Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Will EEStor Reveal During Oil Spill Crisis?

If you look back over the past couple of years, there have been some pretty extraordinary world events which could have provided a fantastic backdrop for an EEStor reveal. Let's list and examine some of these events

1) Run up in Oil Prices in 1st half of 2008

With all the media talking about how high the prices were going, it would have been one hell of a story to latch on to, "Battery Company Emerges Amid High Fuel Costs" as an example title we would have loved to see. But EEStor wasn't ready in 2008 because in 2007 they told us and their investors they could do it better....and thus, they adjusted their production line with "advanced technology" that allowed them to hit a homerun. (wish we could have seen them round the bases)

2) The Stock Market Crashes in 2nd half of 2008

Ordinary people almost never make the connection between fuel price spikes and subsequent economic downturns but for someone like me, this is innate knowledge I've had since I was young. Accordingly, after the fuel prices went up, the American economy quickly came down. Many were quick to say it was the worst financial crisis in years and years and years. This would have been a great time to do a reveal, in fact, in August 2008, Dick Weir told me that in his opinion if the country didn't get a handle on it's energy dependencies, it could go down the tube. He was not shy about linking EEStor as a solution to a host of the country's ills. A few weeks later, the markets started crashing. So, had EEStor revealed then, we might have seen headlines such as, "Market Turmoil & A Way Forward Through Tiny Battery Company's Technology."

3) 2009-- The Year the US Govt Started Giving Billions of Dollars to Clean Technologies

So, if you had hoped EEStor would emerge while the dark clouds were hanging, you were disappointed all over again. And so, during all of 2009, the name of the game was economic recovery and there was a real curiosity surrounding whether or not EEStor would emerge via one of the lucrative programs being advanced. Yet, EEstor chose to stay the course and did not partake in the handouts which amply capitalized a significant number of EEStor competitors such as A123 Systems and others. Skeptics were quick to seize on fact that EEStor was no where to be found when the money was being handed out. EEStor believers rationalized this by pointing out that EEStor would have to yield IP rights in arrangements with the Federal Govt and that if their technology is as they describe, there would be no need for govt funding.

Which brings us to what is most assuredly Opportunity Number 4 Deluxe Ala Mode. I'm talking obviously about the oil spill crisis. As we all sit and watch the gulf of Mexico become poisoned by a gusher of oil, one can't help but revisit those old thoughts again. Will EEStor finally emerge amid the greatest environmental disaster in the history of the USA? Or will they quietly tweak the powder purity modules connected to the buttons Dick presses? What's your guess?

If they do emerge, here are some sample headlines you may see, "Experts Say Battery Company Announcement Means Oil Now Obsolete" or "Oil's Darkest Hour Parted by New Battery's Light." There are probably plenty of ways to summarize what an EEStor reveal could mean during this particular time in history. I know that I for one am tired of waiting around for it. I want to get on with it.

What I am personally looking for by way of a new announcement is further certification of their production capacity which would flow logically from all their prior announcements. Each step in their production capacity has to be certified for replication....after it's certified, it can't be modified without re-certification. Thus, I am hoping to hear of something such as the number and type of EESU's able to be kicked out by the production line. I'd like to learn what the total output is in terms of overall kWh which could be roughly translated into a number of units depending on size etc. Secondly, I'd like to learn how quickly they can replicate a single production line. How many can they build concurrently? This would probably entail an announcement of the acquisition of a large piece of land near Austin for build out of an EEStor campus.

But you know....maybe EEStor will want to wait for an even better world backdrop to do their reveal. Let's hope we never have to read these articles:

"Earth Begins Descent Into Sun & EEStor Announces New Battery"

"Reports Armageddon Under Way As Tiny Battery Company Releases New Announcement"

"Cubs Win World Series: New Battery In Victory Parade Vehicles"

"New Regulations Force Politicians to Pass Lie Detector Tests--Machines Powered by New Battery"

"Middle East Emerges As Love Capital of The World. Inhabitants Hold Hands And Celebrate New Battery."

"Global Warming Over. Global Cooling Begins. Battery Project Begun Four Generations Ago Finally Complete."

"Anti-Gravity Vehicle To Be Powered By New Battery Says 400 Year Old Company Upon Release Of First Product."

"Ian Clifford IX: My Great-great-great-great-great-great^4 grandfather was right after all!!!"

"Party Like it's 19,999 With New Battery Announcement"

For those interested, here is my reveal day article title: