Saturday, December 17, 2011

From Raw Materials to End Product

For years now, EEStorians have scoured the Internet for the smallest tidbit of new information about EEStor in order to dissect every piece of data from every angle leading into the never terminating debate we all love so much.  One frequent source hit by the cadre is  Unfortunately, some of you have been asleep at the wheel and allowed me to regain my mojo when it comes to EEStor scoops.  Actually, I can't claim credit for anonymous researcher with skills way beyond my own offered it to me.

Well here it is.  The Manager of Research & Development at EEStor has published what he has been up to at EEStor for the past 4.5years.   I'm talking about Lucas Pettey.  Debaters start your engines!!!

What he has been doing at EEStor is summarized here, "Product development for a thin film polymer-ceramic composite capacitor based energy storage device including all manufacturing steps from raw materials to end product."

Discussion Questions
1) Why now?  Is EEStor's rule of secrecy over?
2) Isn't updating your LinkedIn profile like updating your resume, i.e., job hunting?
3) "frequency dependent electrical properties of thin films," "impedance spectroscopy measurements of the dielectric properties of doped ceramic powders," "3 key patent pending processes to increase product voltage breakdown and prevent product degradation," & "lab to pilot scale."  EEStor secrets?
4) Is EEStor ready to move into full production or folding?

If the Contact settings for LinkedIn can be believed, Pettey is looking for work:

Contact Lucas for:

  • career opportunities
  • consulting offers
  • new ventures
  • job inquiries
  • expertise requests
  • business deals

I call this the resume that shocked the EEStor world!  He is certainly a smart guy. Is he throwing in the towel or advertising his prestige?  Don't let me answer for you. Sound off.