Friday, March 6, 2009

EEStor To Battle Combination of Japan & Europe

Previously, I mentioned former Intel chairman Andy Grove's interests in seeing Intel produce batteries for vehicles, which would be quite a competitor for EEStor Inc. (if they had any technology worth mass producing) Today, Bloomberg is reporting that Dick Weir may have an even bigger entity to contend with: ALL OF JAPAN AND EUROPE!!

Officials from both entities are in discussions to jointly develop advanced solar cells and batteries.
If the discussions go well, the new team would join the US Govt backed battery industry in tackling the breakthrough capabilities touted by EEStor.

Who else will challenge EEStor's technological dominance of electrical energy storage? EEStor Investor Kleiner Perkins. Time for a new running tally of EEStor competitors:

1) Big Oil
2) Lithium Ion Market . More.
3) Intel and other would be players
4) The US Govt's DoE. More.
5) Japan and Europe. Or Just Japan.
6) Warren Buffett
7) Autoweek
8) T. Boone Pickens. (natural gas vs batteries)
9) GM & Ford, Etc.
10) The EEStor Blogger

That's right, I've become EEStor's smallest competitor due to this declaration of entering the advanced battery development space. I've discovered a way to store energy using salt water, sand (or dirt), and wind. (i purposely excluded fire due to it's being out of fashion lately) I will be filing for stimulus funds to build out my production capacity shortly. Stay tuned.