Friday, March 20, 2009

DOE Releases Funding Announcement

The Department of Energy Released two Funding Announcements today which could be targeted by EEStor and it's partners. The first is a Electric Drive announcement and the second is a Battery manufacturing announcement. The total amount of funding available is $1.475 Billion.

Essentially, the DOE is providing grant funds to companies who apply and have projects deemed worthy of funding. The application would require the delivery of 50 cells manufactured using the materials described in an application to the DOE for inspection.

If EEStor pursues this funding, it will require them to reveal publicly where they stand with regard to their manufacturing capability because all applications for battery manufacturing have to include 50 cells to be submitted to the DOE for testing/inspection. ;-) To the tin hats out there, it looks like we certainly may have stumbled upon a very good reason for EEStor delaying it's prototype announcement....because doing so may have jeopardized both the amount of funding Congress has put forward here and EEStor's ability to compete for it!

If you wish to read the requirements for receiving the funds, please visit