Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who Will Own Zenn Motor Company after EEStor Reveals?

EEStor license holder Zenn Motor Company is a very small Canadian company.  After EEStor places proof of their technology's capabilities on the table, the value of Zenn may skyrocket.  In fairness, we may never get to that point if EEStor fails to deliver (I'm pretty certain they will though).   Since the Zenn's Annual General Meeting is this evening, I thought I would invoke a discussion on a topic of interest to the EEStor blogger!!

Discuss this here:

Geography of a Recession

The New York Times has released an interesting map showing where in the USA the recession is hitting the hardest. It's interesting to ask which Members of Congress may be under higher levels of constituency pressure to provide leadership through these days....pressure that might be alleviated gradually with break throughs like EEStor's EESU which bring not only economic benefits but hope.