Wednesday, March 18, 2009

United States Department of Energy Confirms Sandia Labs Held Talks with EEStor Regarding Prototype Testing

Imre Gyuk Dr. Imre Gyuk of the US Department of Energy confirmed today that Sandia National Labs (A Lockheed Martin operated national security lab) held talks with EEStor Inc in the Fall of 2008 regarding the possibility of testing EEStor prototypes. Gyuk is the Program Manager for Energy Storage Research at the DOE which sponsors a team of researchers at SNL focused on distributed energy storage and reliability.

"Our team at Sandia had some initial conversations with EEStor in the fall regarding the possibility of testing prototypes. Communications on that topic has not occurred for a while though."

Gyuk invited me to learn more by discussing the topic with his lead manager at Sandia, John Boyce, who could not be reached today due to travel. What does Gyuk think of EEStor's claims? He preferred not to discuss specifics about particular companies although he would say that he's had 3 or 4 companies that he is aware of making some big claims regarding ultracapacitor based energy storage. He prefers to let the data answer the important questions.