Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: Mad Like Tesla by Tyler Hamilton

This is me helping sell a few copies of Tyler Hamilton's new book, "Mad Like Tesla" which contains new information about EEStor.  It really does contain new information about EEStor...that I did not know previously. It has fresh EEStor research hitherto unrevealed publicly except in this new book available on Amazon.

What new information you ask?  If I told you, you wouldn't buy the book.  I got the book overnighted to me for around $10.   Basically, Hamilton is giving it away unfortunately not that authors of books make much money.

What's in the rest of the book? Um...uh....ok, I didn't read the book yet.  I can tell you it is about what people mean when they say some new technology is impossible...with past and present examples to sift through all the salient points.  Sound familiar?

In any case, rather than write an article summarizing the EEStor portion of his book, I think it would be better if people actually read it first and then discuss it.   Maybe later I'll write a fuller review.

Only 10 books are left in stock.  Reminder: it has new information.  You want that don't you?  Don't you? Yeah, I knew you did. Get it. Get the information and consume it.