Friday, August 20, 2010

Secretary Chu on EEStor? You tell me.

Secretary Steven Chu.  Source: ABC News.
DOE chief Secretary Steven Chu was recently asked about whether or not he was aware of EEStor Inc.  What did he say in response?  Quite a bit but completely sidestepped the question.  Is there any significance to HOW he answered the question?

You decide.

Long time EEStory follower Corwinbad supplies the audio of his question which he gathered as a public relations event Chu attended at Stanford University recently.


El Kabong said...

My impression? He was confused by the question but didn't want to sound as uninformed as he actually was.

gcs said...

This wasn't worth a blog post.

windbourne said...

I am a pessimest and even I will say that it was an interesting interview.

A number of congressmen have been involved with Dr. Chu. They have appealed to him before for investing into EESTOR. In particular, when the money was going around about batteries. Yet, the good doc does not say that he does or does not know them.
In addition, he has a PhD in Physics, and has been working with battery producers for cars.
Yet, he does not know what 52 KW is?
Ok,this is the garbage that drives me up the wall. I am ready to walk away from EESTOR and accept that it is another 'blacklight power' (IOW, a scam). Yet, when I hear things like this, it just makes me wonder.
I have worked in the gov. and know that many things are kept quiet in the same fashion.
Too Weird.

homey said...

He doesn’t know about EEStor. He knows what a Maxwell ultracap is and how it is used and was addressing the question assuming it was that type of ultracap and not an EESU battery replacement. He is a political appointee and doesn’t necessarily know everything about the area of expertise he is in charge of. There is nothing hidden here about EEStor.

b said...

homey, if chu doesn't know about eestor, he should just say so. he acknowledged the nature of the question when he asked what do they do? so he knew he was being asked about a company.

i take this as a yet another eestory classic case of see what you want...

Anonymous said...

Of course he "knows about" eestor. Energy tech is his field, he's probably read the same news/magazine stories everyone else here has. He just doesn't know any more than anyone else here, and he probably doesn't want to dignify what appears to be a scam with any direct acknowledgment (also, as a public person, he can't call it a scam without backing it up, or risk big lawsuits). So he talked about legitimate ultracapacitor tech instead, to try to draw your attention to things that he thinks are more worthy of thought.

B said...

goatify, there's an easy way to communicate if your version of reality is correct. Sec Chu simply says something like yes, I've heard about them but we don't have any data yet that supports their claims. Instead, what we know about is using ultracaps to increase the effectiveness of traditional batteries.

also, chu has said many times that he recognizes the importance of batteries. if he's smart and really knows that topic well, then it would be impossible to have never heard of eestor.