Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick Says EEStor is Real

Quite unexpectedly, I got a call from St. Patrick today. He wanted to say a few words about EESU. Go ahead, Pat.

"The EESU packs energy so astronomical
In space that is very economical,
But the new ones I've seen
So hard to believe,
That baghead is correct... if not comical."

--St. Patrick March 17, 2010

Thank you, St. Patrick. That'll keep all the snakes slithering along.


J said...

This must mean it's fake.

B said...


windbourne said...

I have to tell you that many of us have been following this for years. We have seen little to support it, except for Zenn, and of course, your blog. What bothers me, is that I have sent you some of the issues such as CRITICAL Patents being turned down.
And yet, you not only ignore that, but you even skipped those particular posts of mine to here, while not skipping any others. As such, you are not a reporter/blogger. Right now, you are an advocate or somebody that has pushed ppl to invest into Zenn.
Not a real good place for you to be in, if in fact, eestor goes down.

At this point, I have all but lost confidence in EESTOR's ability to work. BUT, I have to say, that I think that you are risking a great deal PERSONALLY by NOT posting about the patents that are being turned down.

b said...

Windbourne, you are an idiot. I don't give investment advice. I am not an expert on patents. I don't combine lack of investment advice authority with the lack of a law degree and then make investment advice prononcements.

You on the other hand appear comfortable doing just that. You are the one at risk.

Secondly, the patents are thoroughly discussed at If and when insights worthy of a blog post here warrant it, there will be one.

I run both websites. I volunteer my time to make a discussion place possible. I don't owe anyone anything based on my volunteer work.

Therefore, sir, you are a nutball.

Also, please present your credentials authorizing you to give legal and investment advice.