Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gigya Reading My Email?

Gmail informed me today that someone from this IP address attempted to access my email:

The registry shows the IP belongs to Gigya Inc. From their website, we learn this:

Who We Are

Founded in 2006 by a team of Israeli technologists, we are experts in how people interact on the web, both with content and each other. We have focused since our inception on simplifying the connection process between our clients’ websites and the social networks and on enhancing the resulting connected experience at every level to grow your online business.

Ok, Gigya, sounds great but let's not incorporate my email into your system, ok? Here is the screenshot from Gmail:

Let's see, should I tweet about this now and link to it from Facebook? :-)

Also, I sent a note on this to abuse@gigya but if anyone wants to work with me on this from Gigya, here is my email address: I'm happy to work with you and google to resolve this.


John said...



(follow the lead)

Jim said...

I have a feeling people spies are infiltrating eestor. for instance websites with viruses have words with eestor in them. b, u should do a story on this.