Monday, January 11, 2010

Nanosolar Obtains Federal Funding

$43 Mil to Nanosolar.


$ 43,453,309

Solar PV

San Jose


San Jose


Nanosolar will factory produce tools for the manufacturing of low-cost, low-GHG emission solar cells, using nanotechnology-enabled roll-to-roll processes. Tools enable high throughput production steps including printing of electronic ink, annealing, various deposition steps, cell assembly, and quality control and testing of structural and functional properties of product.


Randy said...

I really don't understand what this has to do with EEStor.

...or am I blind?


Justin said...

Maybe it's just a neat little tidbit of inspirational news along similar lines while the world waits to see if Weir's bitten off a little more than he could chew.

Of course, truth be told, if EEstor doesn't need additional funding, there's little profit motive to broadcast or prove success prior to having the capacity to meet the near term demand. All that does is alert current battery makers to the need to totally shift their R&D and hire all available talent in some hopes of survival. How just to unwind the whole thing in an optimal way so as to maximize pre-competition profit could seem a daunting task that Weir likely has little personal knowledge of.

As we all know though, the biting off more than one can chew thing could still describe the situation. It's asking a lot of a design team to come up with multiple breakthroughs, unprecedented energy densities in a device that can withstand vibrations and temperature cycling and by the way won't turn into a fire bomb during a crash.

I dig inspirational tidbits any day;-)