Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Top Lockheed Martin Energy Execs Lack EEStor Poker Face

Today at the National Press Club, Lockheed Martin held a hastily thrown together press conference to lay out it's vision for it's future in energy. Unfortunately, talking about EEStor was not on the agenda. However, thanks to a gutsy anonymous blogger, we have one hell of a post-event interview whereupon two of Lockheed's senior most executives demonstrate REAL TROUBLE hiding their enthusiasm about EEStor.

Additionally, the vast majority of questions submitted online during the web conference were on the topic of EEStor. Hello, Lockheed? Inquiring minds want to know. Get your game plan together already. Geeze.

Draw your own conclusions. Important: doubleclick on the video below so you can see it in full screen. Blogspot is clipping off the side.

Key take aways from the interviews:

1) Lockheed Martin Execs smile when you ask them about EEStor
2) They have trouble wiping the smile off their faces once they start smiling
3) The slightest hint of an EEStor concept brings the smile back
4) Why are they so happy?
5) What do they know?
6) Are you still reading this list?
7) Go to bed.
8) Now.
9) I mean it.
10) No, I am not the one who captured the video. ;-)

Here is a link to the webcast briefing for replays of Lockheed's Briefing. Here is a more legitimate
article covering what Lockheed actually wanted to talk about.


Ricardo said...

Thank you for the video but I couldn't hear a thing and I couldn't adjust the volume. Gave up after three minutes. Could you please provide a transcript, if it's not too much trouble. Thanks again.

B said...

Ricardo, I had the same problem when the video was uploaded to youtube. In my case, it turns out that youtube has it's own Volume even if the volume on your computer system is all the way up, the youtube volume may not be. Try that out...

Ricardo said...

Thanks, B, I searched youtube using a number of terms both before and after I read your note but I can't find it, so can't try adjusting the volume there. Can you post a link? Thanks. R.

Ricardo said...

...or, maybe, you meant go to youtube, check volume there, and then return to the blog. Tried that and the volume on youtube is as high as it will go. Maybe I'll just try again late at night when there's less ambient noise. Good luck.

Desertstraw said...

Is reading smiles on executive faces more reliable than reading tea leaves?

G.R. said...

Of course, it could just be that the love the attention being paid to them. Right now, there are too many variables.

As I keep say to others, end of the year is now less than 1 month.

Desertstraw said...

Mene, mene, tekel upharsin. Four weeks left, Ian Clifford said:

"And a few weeks ago EEStor made the public statement that they anticipate having at-voltage components verified independently by September of this year and deliver of production prototype EESU to us by the end of 2009. That’s directly from EEStor. They made that statement very recently, so it’s very very exciting progress."