Friday, December 4, 2009

Carl Nelson & Nobel Prize Winner William N. Lipscomb

I've written previously about how EEStor's Carl Nelson worked with world materials pioneer Arthur Von Hippel. Thanks to EEStory user BigMig, it's now been brought to my attention that Carl Nelson also utilized some notes provided to him by Harvard University's William N. Lipscomb in his 1964 Laboratory of Insulation Research government sponsored research paper.

Lipscomb won the 1976 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, something that escaped by notice. Thanks BigMig!

In any case, just an interesting connection to note.

Photo is of William Lipscomb!


Urs said...

He d'ont look like scame!
Go eestor, go


El Kabong said...

Is there possibly a connection between EESTOR and V Vehicle, getting ready for production in Monroe, LA? Kleiner Perkins has investments in both and locals are "complaining" to the local newspaper that V Vehicle's parking lot is full of cars with TExas (and California) license plates.
To put it in football terms, is EESTOR calling an "end around" instead of "up the gut?"
Could it be that are Richard Weir and T. Boone Pickens pals?

Bretspot said...

Interesting El Kabong, where did you get that info? Any corroborating evidence?

El Kabong said...

Only a conspiracy theorist's reasoning... Mr. Weir and Mr. Pickens are both from Texas, both looking towards greener energy, and Kleiner Perkins is sinking a bundle in both of their enterprises. Then I came across this tiny article from the Oachita Citizen News, Thursday, November 19,
As you say, it's interesting...but not a lot to substantiate a hypothesis. Time will tell.

El Kabong said...

BTW, I mis-spoke when I said California, the article mentioned Oklahoma, not CA.

Another thig that got me thinking there cold be a connection was ZENN Auto's decision to not manufacture automobiles, but only drive trains instead. Could ZENN be one of VVC's vendors?