Monday, April 13, 2009

Lots of Lithium Ion Companies Lining up for Government Funding

Several EEStor competitors in the lithium ion world have worked tirelessly recently to position themselves to receive government loans/grants to speed the development of their production capabilities. 

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Mark said...

Any chance you could enunciate your thoughts a little more ?


b said...


nekote said...

From the mysterious and anonymous blogger - a yawn.

Signifying dis-interest / boredom / lack of concern / calmness / sleepiness.

Underlying meaning, they ain't gonna' be gettin' the money?

If EEStor is closer to "imminent" than usual, I would sure as hell hope the money would be spent on the new nuclear powered "iron clads", so to speak, than sprucing up the old wooden sail powered whaling fleet.

If EEStor is finally *ready*, how stupid would it look (for anyone, but especially politicians) to spend big bucks (billions) on obsolete (Lithium) technology?

In the CSPAN video, Michigan Governor Granholm said the money announcement would be made this summer.

isurewould said...

I think anyone who is a EEstorite should be happy because they certainly aren't providing anything solid to go on at the moment. We should all be hedging our bets...especially the government with the investments in alt. energy technologies.

"Don't put all your eggs..."