Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ian Clifford Again With The EEStor Is Ready Stuff :-)

Ian Clifford out there......AGAIN......warning everyone that EEStor is on the way. 

Did you understand that?  EESTOR IS COMING!  Yo!  I'm talking to you!!!! It ***IS*** coming!

You want proof, Mr Science Fancy Pants?   Ok, I'll give you proof.   The EESTOR blogger declares that Ian Clifford was wearing a POST-PERMITTIVITY shirt.       ?       That's right! A CEO could only sport that shirt POST-PERMITTIVITY.  Laugh it up.   A Pre-Permittivity CEO would NEVER  wear that particular nice shirt to gain serious consideration. Never.  Post-Permittivity.  [nodding as I say that]

AHEM:  Andrew Bell & Kim Parlee. There should be NO smirking while interviewing one of the world's next great technological leaders. Kim,  no no no no.   



Sumeet Gohri said...

I am afraid, the whole eestor worship now looks like a cargo cult. People are just hoping against hope for this hoax to be true, just like their faith in the current administration.

Sad :/

Chance said...

Snark about the current administration aside, I agree with your assessment.

My prediction: no EESU is ever produced, and believers will be swearing ten years from now that the government/oil cartel/other group suppressed the tech.

But on the other hand, I'd love to be wrong in this case.

N0oaf said...

From everything I've read, the production of this thing is off by just a year. There is nothing unusual about that. Remember all the production delays of the Cell processor for the Playstation 3, and numerous other products? When you are trying to put something totally new on the market, sometimes things happen that you don't expect. (like kinks in the production line) If there is nothing new from EEstor by the end of this year, then we'll all know that it was just vaporware. Until then, I'm willing to wait and see.

Jim said...

It's amazing to see how calm Ian Clifford is.

Then again, some CEOs at high profile companies can lie without shame. I've seen it on Jim Cramer's Mad Money where CEOs lied on television, smiling, and saying their company is doing fine.