Monday, July 28, 2008

Investor Awareness Posting

Now, of course, it's not Jim Cramer talking about Zenn , but here's a decent blog post  with only a slight mention of EEStor.  I'm including it on the blog only because it underscores one interesting aspect of the EEStor story--not alot of people know about it or the Zenn stock (ZNN) associated with it, as the blogger in question ( points out, he/she only learned about it 2 days ago.   My guess is you could tell 100 people about EEStor and maybe 1 or 2 would have even heard of it.  This, despite coverage by the likes of here last September.  Etc. 

No word yet on the questions submitted to EEStor. 


MoneyEnergy said...

Hi, that blogger would be me. Thanks for the mention here. It's true, I'm no expert on EEstor or ZENN. I'm starting to see, though, that EEstor is a big mystery...

This is a great site, very informative... I'll be reading.


Red Ken said...

You might want to observe how Zenn stock rose like Lazarus after the last Eestor announcement.

The NEV business is just dandy. I don't think that's the reason so many people are following the stock.

Speculative play if you wish to inform your readers properly.

Red Ken said...

There is a suspicion Eestor is holding back information that could send Zenn stock spiralling in either direction.

Some deep pocket investors may have good visibility on Zenns likely direction, way before Joe public.

richterm said...

The only high-volume move we've seen lately has been in the upward direction in early July. It's reasonable to guess some bit of news leaked out.

IMO on the whole though, Eestor and it's investors have bigger fish to fry than trying to buy up Zenn stock in advance of an announcement - it's just a matter of how well they button up leaks as news approaches.

richterm said...

And of course Eestor has info that could send Zenn spiraling - like does the damn thing work!!