Monday, July 28, 2008

World Learns about EEStor

My original intention this morning was to tackle the important task of translating the recent foreign press coverage of EEStor for you the reader. A couple hours into this, I realized that I only speak English.  But now that this blog is getting multiple thousand visitors/day, maybe some kind reader will translate for us any interesting paragraphs they find in these 5 articles:


Anonymous said...

Nothing new, more or less talking about the close release of the ZENN in Canada. No new info on the EEStor. Just a lot of rehash. Aka nothing to see here people, move along.

Jay said...

You can use.
To translate the any block of text or any webpage to English.

Gizmo said...

babelfish, this is what I was about to propose.
Some translations are wrong, so i'll review the text and post the content on my next posts

Gizmo said...

BTW, the babelfish translator don't make good translations. I'll make the corrections so we can understand it. Don't blame me for the rest.

Gizmo said...

ZENN on the roads of Quebec: 125 km/h as of the autumn 2009

The three years pilot scheme authorizing the electric LSV on the minor roads of Quebec province came into effect last week. And already, one can start to dream, since one of the two models of assembled electric LSV in St-Jerome, ZENN, could be entitled to a version, say, turbo, as of the autumn 2009. Maximum speed of 125 km/h, autonomy of 400 kilometers. It is at least what the manufacturer promises.

An agreement with the supplier of EEStor batteries should make it possible Motor ZENN to deliver a version much more powerful of its electric small car at this time, according to what its president at the time of the annual meeting of the shareholders said, last March.

“The revolutionary technology of storage of energy of EEStor is in the last training courses of its marketing”, declared Ian Clifford on this occasion (pdf). “EEStor was publicly committed marketing its technology in 2008, and its first production line will be used to provide the company Motor ZENN.”

The cityZENN will be an electric car able to circulate on motorway. Let us say that the promises made in connection with this vehicle are more than exceptional. For example: it is recharged in five minutes, and its autonomy is of 400 kilometers, at a top speed of 125 km/h.

Notice, it would not be the first time that a manufacturer of electric cars promises the moon, for finally end up with nothing. It will thus be necessary to await the autumn 2009 to have an idea of it.

Meanwhile, if you want more on the mysterious technology of EEStor, here a link towards the site of an anonymous fan of the company which claims to know more on this subject.

Gizmo said...

Still waiting for The delivery of the Zenn electric car

It is today that the Zenn electric car, built in Saint-Jerome, can start to circulate on the roads of the province within the framework of the pilot project announced last month by the government of Quebec.

however, do not expect to to cross a Zenn today. Nor tomorrow.

No car was sold. The purchasers are there, but they must have wait three more months, time that the manufacturer of Zenn (Zero Emission No Noise) finishes his development plan and of marketing.

Nearly 500 people already registered their name on the priority list of Zen Motor (ZNN); 80% of these people come from the great area of Montreal.

“Within 90 days, these Inhabitants of Quebec will be able to take possession of their Zenn”, affirms the spokesperson, Catherine Scrimgeour.

To have its name on the priority list a certain importance has, because the production is done at the rate of two or three cars per day.

Zen, company of Toronto whose actions are registered with the venture Stock Exchange, initially wished to sell its cars via a dealer. The plan of the company was on the other hand revised because of the parameters surrounding the pilot project of the government of Quebec.

The pilot project is one three years duration, but it can be taken back for two other years.

“The number of years brings an uncertainty. We thus envisage now to proceed with a system of direct sales”, specifies Mrs. Scrimgeour.

Let us recall that Zenn circulates already on the roads of 44 American States since last year. Nearly 350 cars were delivered to the United States up to now.

The Canadian price was not given yet, but it should be comparable with the suggested retail price of 16.000$ in the United States.

Zenn has a range from 50 to 80 kilometers and can be reloaded to 80% of its capacity in four hours by connecting it in an electrical outlet. It has a space of loading equivalent to two bags of hockey.

This car is presented like “ideal” vehicle to become a second car for the families or conveys car fleet for the industry of tourism, and the monitoring of parking lots.

If the passion of the consumers for the electric cars is quite real, the interest of the investors for the actions of Zenn is quite as present.

For one year, the value of the action has been strongly appreciated, passing from a little less than 3$ at a top of almost 7$ at the beginning of July.

Two principal factors are to be supervised by the investors: the development of a more powerful battery for the Zenn and advances of the competitors, like the Volt of GM for example.

The future of Zen inevitably passes by that of EEStor, its partner of Texas which tries to develop a lighter and more powerful battery which will make it possible for the Zenn to roll on the motorways. In its current form, Zenn can circulate in Quebec only on the roads of which maximum speed is of 50km/h or less.

Gizmo said...

Zenn progresses on markets, and arrives in Quebec!

A car which has 40 km of autonomy? Who can recharge in five minutes? And outward journey up to 125 km/h? Zenn Motor Company, society based at north of Montreal, announces being able to do it. The name of this car will be City Zenn, it will arrive autumn 2009. Gilles Allard, the person in charge of production of Motor Zenn is an occupied man these days... Because its small team is building Zenn cars at a rate from two to three vehicles per day.

We had already introduced you Zenn, but today, a little more information. First of all because the crisis of oil reinforces the interest for this car, but also because the vehicles at low speed (Low Speed vehicles) are authorized in Quebec, within the framework of a 3 years pilot project (extensible 2 years)

For the moment, each vehicle produced is dispatched with the dealers by truck, because they are not approved yet on the majority of the Canadian roads. The actions of the small firm gained 81% over the last three months on the Toronto Stock Exchange... whereas no benefit was still published. But it is necessary to acknowledge that small Zenn are attractive:

Future Zen, City Zen, will draw its energy form a ceramic super-capacitor conceived by EEStor. The capacitor are made up with barium layered with glass and aluminum oxide... What to avoid the disadvantages of the chemical batteries.

These batteries are more powerful than the basic capacitor. These super-capacitors can absorb power or send a load more quickly than the chemical batteries. It is because of the activated carbon present in these condensers that the load passes more quickly. They have also a better lifespan and a tolerance reinforced for extreme temperatures. In the event of accidents, these capacitor discharge instantaneously on the ground...

The project of this future car “cityZENN” leaves for the moment skeptics much of analysts and researchers. Joel Schindall, of Massachusetts Institute off Technology, uses the nanotechnology to improve the condensers of future vehicles. He summarizes the interrogations well: “I do not doubt that they built a device on a small scale. But I do not know if they can manage the process for commercial applications”

Does the silhouette of small Zenn say something to you? The version gasoline runs on our roads under the Microcar mark which conceived the body and the frame (sold like conveys without license).

Before long, Zen will be able to roll to Quebec. Since October 1, 2006, it was sold 283 Zenn vehicles, but only to the Americans With the possibility of rolling in Quebec (authorization given by the ministry for transport), Zenn slowly conquest the world.

babelfish did an awful job on this one... I hope it is still readable

Gizmo said...

I'll do the "Al Gore" post later.

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The first one in Chinese has its English version here according to my co-worker: