Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Zenn Follow Up to EEStor Press Release

Zenn Motors issued a press release today to say that yesterday's EEStor announcement "bodes well" for the next milestone of 3rd party permittivity. Zenn took the opportunity to elaborate on a few other items that are often asked/discussed here, eg, Zenn's stake in EEStor, the scope of Zenn's exclusive rights deal, and the ZENNergy drive system.


Red Ken said...

Ahh .... Purity of the pixie dust.

Just promises of future potential, nothing of substance, no timeline.

Half hearted attempt to keep momentum in the stock. Not even enough to trigger off my patented pump and dump klaxxon.

I'll be leaving you folks to your dreams for now. Hope one day you strike it rich.

It may not be that soon.

mrjerry said...

Weir's speaks about press release...

The company expects its ceramic ultracapacitor, which it said uses no hazardous materials, to have a charging time of 3 to 6 minutes, with a discharge rate of only 0.02 percent over 30 days. EEStor said that compares to more than 3 hours to charge a lithium-ion battery and a discharge rate of 1 percent over 30 days.

"It's all certified," said Weir. "No bullshit in this."

Marcus said...

I've emailed EEStor via that email address in the press release to clarify the patent number issue. A straight forward question to which I hope they can provide an answer.

Marcus said...

OK, thanks to a rapid reply from EEStor that patent number refers to the WIPO patent application that has now been accepted in Europe.

OntarioInvestor said...

Everyhing i am hearing out of both Zenn and EEstor sound like things are progressing as planned. I think the permitivity and patent should follow shortly.

ricinro said...

Richard Weir, president and CEO of EEStor, told the Cleantech Group his company's certification announcement is significant.

"It certainly allows us to meet present specifications and major advances in energy storage in the future," he said. "It'll meet the voltage, we say that, it'll meet the polarization, saturation, we say that."

Does "Present specifications" refer to the claims of the patent?
Does an interview or press release require truth?

If so then the gizmo works and awaits the final milestone and then shipments to Zenn.

stampergl said...

I think even steve will agree that clifford does't feel that permittivity milestone has been met yet.

stampergl said...
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Dwight said...

In Zenn's press release today it says:
"The Company has exclusive rights to EEStor's technology in the following markets:
- ALL new vehicles up to 1400 kg (curb weight), net of battery weight"
This language would seem to me to include hybrids like the Volt. But in other descriptions of the exclusivity agreement it would appear that hybrids are excluded. It would be nice to get Ian or Richard to clarify this matter, since it impacts Zenn's potential value to investors.

ricinro said...

stampergl said...
I think even steve will agree that clifford does't feel that permitivity milestone has been met yet.
It hasn't. It will be a press release like the latest announcement.
It appears as though there is an iminent announcement. Judging from the excitement and buzz coming from eestor itself compared to the meager tidbits of the last year or two I would expect the final milestone and then production announcement within the next month or so. I do not expect three months of crickets chirping.

whatsyourevidence said...

Mrjerry, thanks for the link:

A highly relevant line from Weir commenting on outside investment:

"We were invested in to put in a high-volume production line. I think this says we've made some very major strides to completing that," said Weir.

This is confirmation of the other news/rumors of building automated production lines.

I will repeat the point made by others here. "You don't build an automated mass-production line for a product which you have not yet prototyped."

All of the most recent press releases must relate to the processes of the automated mass-production line, and NOT to initial prototyping (which prototype(s) must already exist).

Otherwise the EEStor principals are - I would think - going to be exposed to civil and criminal fraud prosecutions based on the things they've said and the money they've received. No way Weir, et al, are going to risk that. No way.

ricinro said...


It would be nice to retrofit my hybrid camry, and reprogram it. In the long run though, this technology renders hybrids as overly complicated, expensive and underperforming. Perhaps there will be micro-generators for emergency use (next to the tire pump in the trunk).
Talk of Zenn to provide retrofit kits seems far fetched. Zenn will be over-extended to allow other car chassis manufacturers to offer them upgrades to the subpar French chassis they currently offer.
In both eestor and Zenn's case they are dedicated to killing the gas car.

Dolphyn said...

It's interesting that the press release says ZENN has exclusive rights for "ALL new vehicles up to 1400 kg". Is this correct, including 2- and 3-wheel vehicles?

OntarioSeconder said...

Listen up all you ney sayers and listen to Mr. OntarioInvestor.

I have known about EESTor since before the IPO and have invested as much as I could afford to loose (prudent). The person I know is in the know! There has never been any negative information at anytime from him. The key is that EESTor is going straight to production. Get that folks. Dick Wier and Carl Nelson are experts in micro-layering etc.

Much of the information that has been made public both by EEStor and information in this Blog have hit the mark right on in regards to permiativity and possible future value of ZENN stock.

Hold on to your hats and be patient.

Tom Villars said...


I agree this is very interesting as ZENN's website still says "All- Electric 4-wheel vehicles..."

Until the website gets fixed there is going to be confusion on this, but at least the press release is clear, "ALL new vehicles..."

steve said...

stampergl said...

I think even steve will agree that clifford does't feel that permittivity milestone has been met yet.

I don't agree at all. Clifford said that they are awaiting "3rd party certification of permittivity". Clifford never said that EEstor hasn't certified permittivity on their own.

Look at what Weir said in the PR yesterday which nobody here has managed to explain ...

Weir said they achieved their key milestone for "polarization".

I've given links to the nexus between polarization and permittivity. If people want to deny the science, that's up to them.

But the man is not fooling around.
Read em and weep. Straight flush in spades.

Lensman said...

Dolphyn asked...

It's interesting that the press release says ZENN has exclusive rights for "ALL new vehicles up to 1400 kg". Is this correct, including 2- and 3-wheel vehicles?

No, ZENN Motors' exclusive agreement is only for 4-wheeled vehicles. But they have a non-exclusive license for any type of vehicle except, I think, any military/defense applications, which DARPA has a lock on.