Thursday, July 10, 2008

EEStor Blog Updates

You'll notice a few minor changes to this EEStor blog today.  The immediate intent is to make it easier for people searching for information about electric cars to learn about EEStor and how it's technology compares to other technologies vying for the electric vehicle market. Assuming all goes well, as EEStor develops as a company, it's appeal and recognition will begin with electric cars made by Zenn Motor Co but it will surely move to other applications such as ipods, blackberries, cell phones and even to power grid stabilization, etc.  As Ian Clifford has said of EEStor technology, "from pacemaker to power plant."  


mrjerry said...

Found this comment about Richard Weirs, worth noting and posting here.

Si02. I've heard about this company before and in DD saw that a Richard Weir was there co-founder, if this is the same Dick Weir that was in the disk drive business up in Si Valley in the 80's & 90's I'd dig as deep as necessary into EEstor tech claims. Had the same level of claims about storage devices that never quite got into production. He's a brilliant guy and got things to "work" in the lab, but could never translate into production.

b said...


mrjerry said...

I notice that i have not found one uhappy owners of the zenn lsv. Now read this article on Dynasty IT

Tom Villars said...

From the article, Mail Carrier Believes Car Is Electric Lemon"

"It had a 30-mile range. We felt that was cutting it too close. For an extra $2,000 you can get a C-drive that can take you up to 35 or 40 miles, so I got that," said Freeman. "After several weeks it got up to about 30 miles. 'Hurray,' we thought. And then it slowly went back to about a 16-mile range and no one knew why."

All batteries use a chemical reaction to store their charge. While I am sure most manufacturers are being honest with the expected number of cycles the battery can be recharged, there are a lot of real life experiences with batteries simply not performing to specification.

Hopefully this is something EEStor will avoid as the method of storing a charge isn't done with chemicals.

richterm said...

Regarding the Richard Weir critic..

I know nothing about Mr Weir, but I do know that we all have our critics. No one who has any significant time in business is without detractors. Even this critic says Weir is a brilliant guy.

Can't give it much weight. Who knows where this motivation come from.

mrjerry said...

Actually I think the critics gave both praise and concerns, was very balanced and seemed to be truthful, in fact the current status support it. Considering eestor is behind their original promise of delivering 15k in 2007, the extreme difficulty in producing the purity, and defect free processing with no voids is a daunting task, and perhaps it can’t be done. Is Dick playing a game with us? He is not answering the questions the blogger is asking, in fact he says, we made great progress since we last talked, humm he just said a month before we will be releasing permittivity test soon. On the other hand I’ve heard two sources saying facility expansion, is this after the permittivity results are favorable, if ever?

richterm said...

Valid concerns mrjerry. I think those are all of our concerns. Without knowing, we can have all kinds of thoughts. No knowing is why Zenn stock is not $1, and it's not $20+.

I'm invested in Zenn because from all the info I can gather and clues I've interpreted, I think they're going to do it. It's strictly a judgement call. If Weir comes out with a product that does nothing close to what he says it will do, I will be doing a bit of cursing.

Weir is in a strange position at this point. He owes the public nothing by way of info on their progress. He's likely not scraping up any more VC capital until the results are out, so what's the point in falsely spinning? I've heard no claims from anyone who claims to know him and says he's a con man. The concensus seems to be he's a smart scientist type who wants to save the country/world. If he was poised to fail, my personal opinion is that he wouldn't be claiming to be about to accomplish EVERYTHING he set out to do.

mrjerry said...

Significant increase in demand for Zenn LSV.

We had the opportunity to visit the ZENN assembly plant, where the current capacity is three units a day. With the increasing demand, the facility and its workers will be able to produce up 30 cars a day. Right now, the entire process takes about 16 hours (or two work shifts) for a single ZENN. Of course, St. Jerome is only responsible for the assembly; every component is manufactured elsewhere before being shipped here.

RobMtl007 said...


I'm sure that this question has been asked many times.
But is there a date for when the first Eestor battery will be installed in a Zenn car to see if it really works?
Will this happen in Q3, or Q4 of 2008?

Regards Robert

Tom Villars said...

While no one is willing to commit to a firm date, the expectations that have been set by ZENN is late 2008 for delivery of early production units.

ankur said...

I was expecting some more, exciting and new information about EEStor in this post.But its okay,I'll wait for the next one.

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