Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fresh EEStor Controversy

Black & Decker. Boeing. Snap-On Tools. Vextrex Corporation. Lockheed Martin. According to new documents released by the USPTO, EEStor's use of the EESU trademark began with "budgetary quotes" submitted to these prospective customers going back to 2002/2003 time frame.  But are price quotes sufficient activity to constitute actual use of the EESU trademark in commerce?  Read this.  Or did EEStor actually ship test units once upon a time?

What's intriguing about the quotes is some of the listed battery specs.  The charge times listed aren't the 5 minute charge we've grown accustomed to hearing. Instead the various battery sizes include charge times measured in hours....up to 12.


Scott said...

I'm guessing the varied charging times listed are due to the charging unit. For small packs, I see envision a "wall wart" plug in charger at 0.5-2 amps. For bigger ones, probably rated assuming 120v at 20 or so amps. Mind you, the five minute charging notion we've had presupposed a high-powered charging station.

Fred Miller said...
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Fred Miller said...

This is evidence of extreme over confidence or fraud. They are working out of Tom Weir's house and have produced nothing but fund raising in 2002.