Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lockheed Martin is Making Fun of YOU

You know who you are: an intense EEStor skeptic beating your chest in conjunction with the pure light of reason or a part of a cadre of EEStor fanboyz, beating your chests in conjunction with the pure light of reason or some blogger with a bag on your head, beating your chest in conjunction with the pure light of reason. ...in conjunction with this paragraph.

Lockheed Martin is making fun of you, kind sirs or maams.

After releasing their Smart Grid sEESUite amid a barage of online questions concerning EEStor and only EEStor, Lockheed marketing has made a conscious decision to "have a little fun" with the online characters following EEStor as evidenced in this new promotional video for sEESUite posted on Youtube a couple weeks ago.

Skip over to 3:18 of this video and have a look at the EXAMPLE ELECTRIC CAR. Yes, that's correct, it is a Zenn vehicle. Alert! Alert! sEESUite Smile Sensor shows a threshold violation and we will need to shut down this blog article immediately before we are overrun with...the pure light of reason.

Heads up to Lockheed: I am now a shareholder of Lockheed Martin stock. Convenient for the Annual Meeting of Lockheed Stockholders this week, no?


Someone better prep up Bob Stevens for some EEStor questions methinks.

Also, note to any EEStor fanatics. Rumor has it there might be another EEStor egg in the video. ;-)

PS: Thanks for the heads up from an anonymous reader!


Jono said...

Um, they mentioned storage one time...ONCE. Everything else was about grid management. Even the Zenn electric car (which they don't make anymore) was in the context of grid management, not storage.

Eestor's 15 minutes of fame are just about up. That's what happens when you make repeated promises and fail to deliver.

B said...


You can hope and wish and want for EEStor's demise all you want but it won't change facts.

Ask Lockheed if EEStor has failed to deliver.

Steve321 said...

Hey asshole, ask Lockheed Martin why they didn't bail out Dick end of 2008 when Dick used the excuse they were unable to deliver to Zenn due to insufficient funding?

If you believe your tvillars' BS that EEStor has a potential worth of $150B USA, Ask Lockheed Martin why they won't fully finance EEStor if they believe in Dick's crap?

I won't lower myself to your level of calling you a scumbag.


Jono said...

Like Lockheed is going to announce to the world, "Well, we had a partnership with this little start-up, but they can't seem to produce anything so we're terminating that relationship. We were misled." LOL More likely that they have already moved on internally and hope everyone forgets their little foray into Dick's fantasyland.

b said...


You probably don't know what a Chairman of the Armed Services Committee is but his name is Senator Carl Levin and he has direct oversight on the entire ~$1Tril Department of Defense budget.

You might think if a person of this caliber inquires with Lockheed as to the status of "little startup" he might receive a true response...given that almost all of their funding depends upon the stroke of his pen.

The facts are that he did get a response from Lockheed regarding EEStor and he was comfortable enough to support a DOE grant request on behalf of ZMC America aka Zenn Motor Company.

These are all facts you can gather and verify yourself.

Bring me some facts to the contrary and I'll change my opinion.


Steve321, the Assyrian Moscow Neanderthal Society called and they want their brain back. Don't worry, you won't notice a difference when you turn it back in.


Steve321 said...

B, the Society of Baghead's want to kick you out of their organization because you are giving them a bad name.

Now don't go crying to Michael Roberts.


Steve321 said...

Baghead you were right, Lockheed Martin was making fun of you!


Jono said...

DENIAL (and I'm not talking about the river in Egypt)

High level GM sources have just recently told GM-Volt they tried in earnest to do some fact finding discussion with EEStor but “never got anything substantive from them.”
Others on the EEStor fan site EEStory speculate military contracting powerhouse Lockheed Martin, with whom EEStor has a military application agreement, might be secretly mass-producing the game-changing EESUs at its high security Lufkin facility instead of at EEStor’s strip mall store in Cedar Park Texas.
According to Lockheed spokesperson Craig VenBebber this is not the case either.
“Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control has no plans (nor had any plans) to produce EESUs,” he told GM-Volt.
Further speculation suggest that EESUs may be a secret component of a new electric grid load stabilizing technology Lockheed is developing and calls SEESuite. Asked if this is technology includes EESUs, VanBebber says “none whatsoever."


wesley bruce said...

That storage rack flashes up when they say storage and its about the right configuration. Its sandwiched between a solar array and a Zenn car. Its probably not an eestor unit or anything but I don't know of another grid storage that has a front vent array like that.
Cheap storage is the only way to integrate renewables into a smart grid profitably. Load reduction has a contract/ subscriber cost.