Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lockheed Martin EESUite, I mean SEEsuite to See EESU eat

Lockheed will be rolling back the curtains on their SEESuite or grid management applications today at the National Press Club. Early indications are that there will be no new information concerning EEStor. However, based on past events, Lockheed officials have been desperately working on their EEStor poker faces. I anticipate forced grimaces and stone faced indifference when invariably asked about EEStor today at the event.

Are you planning to attend via webcast and slip in a question about EEStor? Please do but keep in mind Lockheed received well over 50 questions last time about EEStor and they refused to address a single one.

My advice to Lockheed in all of this? Provide a tiny update on EEStor so that people aren't distracted by it and so renewable energy bloggers like me will actually put in the effort to write about SEEsuite. It only makes sense.

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windbourne said...

L-Mart may not have answered the questions, but then again, B, neither have you. I hope for all of our sake, esp. yours, that EESTOR is real.