Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unknown Russian American Scientist says EEStor Energy Density "Possible in Principle"

Vehement EEStor denier, Y_Po, found himself in the hot seat this evening at fielding a barage of questions in the chat room. Despite rarely allowing himself to be nailed down to a specific position regarding his EEStor skepticism, Y_Po yielded to a flurry of questions I threw at him as well as several from the chat room audience.

The biggest revelation? Y_Po thinks the EEStor Energy Density (20,000J/cc) is possible in principle (but also, unlikely).

"You can do something in that range in principle."  -Y_Po

Despite being asked close to 23 times what the relevant ED mechanism might be, Y_Po refused to answer the question. What was interesting is that this revelation contrasts sharply with 2 other skeptics on TheEEStory: Zawy and ee-Tom.

Additionally, Y_Po maintained what he has always maintained which is that EEStor's Dick Weir is not competent and may be a fraudster. The fundamental problem which Y_Po believes Weir and team can not overcome is "saturation."

Catch the whole interview here. Also, if you can figure out what kind of nut I am for conducting that interview and posting this article, please let me know. I am curious.

UPDATE:  A rebuttal has been posted questioning my characterization of the interview.  Out of fairness, I will post it in it's entirely:

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B, you really have problems with hearing. 
I have said "It is possible (in principle) but not the way Weir does it" MANY times. I also explained how one can get high energy density.

"In principle" means "not practically possible" :)

So your blog record is completely wrong and misleading. I did not admit anything you just finally heard what I have been saying for all this time.


Paul F said...

B, I would say you're Nut-EE.
Nice work on getting Y_Po to admit he thinks it's possible!

(BTW, I'm not PaulF of the forums, I just happen to have the same last initial.)

dad-everyone behave! said...

Perhaps you are somewhat obsessed with converting skeptics.
Their opinions, and those of SMEs are irrelevant because we are not privy to the specific technology or tests that DW and CN have done. We can trust them based on what they claim, their credentials and credibility and the inescapable fact that milestones, money, employees, production lines, contracts and business plans are real. Petty, hypothetical "buts" from self proclaimed "SMEs" do not trump reality.
Over the past year or so we have become a intimate blogging community that has not gone unnoticed by EEStor but we also are interferring as well. I would hope that we could be helpful instead of a childish distraction that is very much seen by the public.
Many of us (or maybe I should just speak for myself) are here because we are interested in the promotion of technology that will significantly improve civilization and our environment. Improving our prosperity and national security is also important.
There has been a point passed where it was about us and our curiosity and now it is about acknowledging EEStor is real and ready to roll.
With cats out of the bag perhaps we can use our brain power to work with EEStor/Zenn on their terms and then we could possibly expect reasonable trust and transparency from them.