Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Polarity Ships Units to EEStor

Some time in the next one to two weeks, Polarity Inc. of Rancho Cordova, CA will update their website with information about their completed work for EEStor/Zenn, according to Polarity owner Wade Goins. Speaking via phone, Goins provided this update:

"We've had some dialogue with Zenn and with EEStor. We've also shipped some things that we'd like to discuss. But we want to make sure it's ok to do that from all parties."

To handle communications for Polarity, Goins hired an outside PR consultant named Greg Jones of Jones PR. According to Goins, Jones PR will manage the "campaign" and "December looks like it should be a pretty good month to discuss what we've done." Is Goins happy with everything he's worked on so far?

"We're happy on our side. We build all types of DC to DC converters & inverters. Our stuff works. We're waiting for the holy grail which is the capacitor. "

For those keeping score with EEStor's EESU development, place a check mark next to power electronics.

____Powder Purity
____Material Permittivity
____Component Testing
____Power Electronics

Do USEE EESU yet? (phrase used without permission)

More info from Polarity when it becomes available....

UPDATE: Speaking with Greg Jones this morning, he wanted to stress that Polarity's interest in working with a PR consultant is not merely for the EEStor work but rather to assist with all of Polarity's endeavors.


Bretspot said...

Wow, wonder what they shipped...

Bretspot said...

By The way... its spelled Rancho Cordova

Karl said...

"I believe in miracles - where you from, you sexy thing. . . " I can't get the lyrics out of my mind! Can't wait for the true REEveal!!

Teeds said...

Eestor has no viable technology. Period. Every promise they have made they have not kept and there has not been a time frame they made! Poor poor believers. Or rather suckers

Teeds said...

I think 'B' is either retarded or as shady as an eclipse.