Friday, November 6, 2009

Lockheed Ad in Scientific American

Pick up a copy of the November 2009 Scientific American. It has an interesting set of articles about wind, solar and water power source systems. Somewhat interesting was the full page add that Lockheed Martin has on page 3 where they go into detail comparing their new mission as an energy company to the Apollo space mission, a program Lockheed was heavily involved with at the time. They talk about "energy security" as the goal and list energy storage as one of the means.

To my knowledge, Lockheed has no special connection to energy storage other than EEStor Inc., despite what any occasional Lockheed employed lithium researcher might tell you. Sure, Lockheed runs Sandia Labs, but no one is going to make the claim that any lithium ion solution Lockheed is directly working with will provide the means to energy security. No one with a brain that is.