Sunday, October 25, 2009

Former Tesla Executive Says 'FBI Should be Chasing EEStor'

Although I'm sure he was probably joking...somewhat....Daryl Siry, former CMO of Tesla Motors recently answered a tweet I sent him with some not so subtle thoughts about EEStor.

After Siry's recent Wired Article on EEStor in which he highlighted EEStor's theoretical value of $1.5Bil (based on Zenn Motor Company's current market valuation, I sent him the following tweet:

EEStor is worth either $0 or much much more than $1.5Bil. DOE should be chasing them before Tesla or Fisker.

To which Siry responded:

more like the FBI should be chasing them

It's been reported elsewhere that Tesla & EEstor have held talks. So, if you are a skeptic, read a lot into Siry's tweet. If you are a believer, brush it off as an offhanded joke. But either way, it illustrates that nothing is as it seems when it comes to the EEStory.

BTW, I was serious about the obvious point that EEStor's work is much, much more important than Fisker's or Tesla's. The DOp
Es should not be passively sitting idle with regard to EEStor. Rather, they should be actively trying to engage them. After all, how long will Tesla and/or Fisker survive if EEStor/Zenn decide not to sell them EESU's?

Note: I first learned about EEStor from a Wired article 2 years ago.

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Unknown said...

The people who need to know, automobile companies, oil producing governments, the CIA, U.S. Military, all know whether the Eestor ultracapacitor works. By their actions, they do not believe that it does. There is no way that a company with the limited resources of Eestor has the capability of preventing well financed government and corporate espionage.

This does not mean that Dick Weir and Ian Clifford are dishonest. They can honestly believe that they have something, but lots of people believe in things that are not true like cold fusion and Glenn Beck.

Unknown said...

Yes these academics have no idea about the Military industrial complex.

I mean if they had worked at TRW and the DoD then .... hang on Tom Weir was Dell's DoD sales guy and didn't Weir/Nelson work on 'Star Wars' I think they even have a contract with a tiny little defence company. Whats there name .... Lockheed Martin...

McShannon said...

Daryl Siry I'm betting never heard of spintronics or that this science is in its infancy. He wants all to believe that he knows it all. I believe he is a know it all who knows little to nothing. NVEC scientists are experts in spintronics and have proven the miniaturization of devices up to ten times is possible. They can put a half million of their sensors in a tea cup. Carl Nelson knew more twenty years ago than Daryl Siry will ever know in his lifetime.