Wednesday, September 9, 2009

EEStor to Earn Third US Patent

Those hoping EEStor would reveal something interesting on 9/9/9 can thank the US Patent Office for updating EEStor patent application #11/400,875 with a "Issue Notification Mailed" log entry the 9am EST hour. According to a knowledgeable patent attorney, this means EEStor's third patent should be issued in 2-3 months. As for what this latest patent protects exactly, I can say three things: I don't understand. So, if you have questions, please do inquire with forums. To those anticipating a Sept 9, 09 announcement of a nanosolar powered ipod with EEStor EESU and Beatles tunes, you know you really should go outside and take a walk around. Talk to some people and in general get a grip.

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RMS said...

What? Is this the end of the drum rolled build up? My word, what a flattened fizzle.