Monday, September 7, 2009

Could Lockheed Martin Launch an Electric Car Company?

You can read this blog post one of two ways. First, you can conclude that on the basis of extremely little evidence, almost any conclusion can be arrived at with imagination. Or, alternatively, you can examine an odd piece of evidence that doesn't really make much sense and thus, have your curiosity somewhat permanently marked for any related future developments.

What you are looking at here is a Lockheed Martin logo-imprinted, promotional pen that an alert reader sent to my attention. If you have any initial thoughts upon seeing it, you might quickly jump to conclusions. But then if you give it a little bit of thought, it does leave you wondering which marketing person felt it made sense to purchase a set of promotional pens with a sporty little car on top. Sporty little cars do not exactly capture any of Lockheed Martin's strengths, of course. Then again, you can't completely dismiss the idea of Lockheed Martin being involved with electric cars since a few years ago, there were some press releases about innovations they had achieved with hybrid vehicles and batteries. Plus, there is that tiny nagging fact that any company who could make the Joint Strike Figher might also as a result be capable of producing something far less complicated such as an electric car.

It's been pointed out many times previously in following the EEStory that electric cars are far less complicated to build and maintain than those with internal combustion engines. The hope by some is that this simplicity of technology (never mind which battery technology prevails) will lead to a renaissance of new competition in personal transportation...extending of course to industrial uses of transportation as well. So, on the basis of this, why couldn't Lockheed Martin be slightly more involved with electric cars than anyone is at this time comfortable to admit? I leave it to more curious journalists or bloggers to advance the thesis with Lockheed. At the very least, the denials of interest in electric cars would afford the opportunity to inquire about an update with EEStor Inc. So how is it coming with EEStor these days Lockheed? How is the integration with weapons systems going?

NOTE: If you work for Lockheed Martin and know the story behind these pens, shoot me an email:


Tom Villars said...

ZENNergy Drive would do much better under Lockheed than Zenn Motor Company (ZMC) plus Lockheed is currently the only company with enough inside info on EEStor to make a rational buy out offer for ZMC. Lockheed needs to diversify and selling EESU powered electric drive trains is low risk way for Lockheed to enter the commercial transportation market. Unfortunately I doubt Lockheed management could even envision a strategy like this let alone execute on it. It is just to out there for such a conservative company.

windbourne said...

Saab comes to mind. If l-mart was smart, they really would pursue a civilian and military vehicle. Also, a smart move would be maglev or monorail. They have loads of experience with aerodynamics. Hook up with GA and do a medium (under 150 mph) AND a fast maglev (over 150 mph) that carries its charge in eestor. It would be possible to fast charge these at stations using wireless techniques. For the city maglev, it might be capable of 1 or more round trips before needing a charge.

But a simple made in America civilian car WOULD be useful for them and America.

Bretspot said...

Varoom Varoom!!!! Oops... I mean... Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!