Wednesday, September 2, 2009

After Tour of EEStor Facilities, US Congressman John Carter R (TX) says EEStor will "change the entire automotive industry"

It all started with an innocuous June 30, 2009 tweet on Twitter, "well, it's only taken me a year, but I get to meet EEStor this morning." The author of the message was Larry Holt, Economic Development Specialist for Cedar Park, TX. Accompanying Holt to this meeting would be his boss, Phil Brewer and Texas Congressman John Carter with a staff assistant. The meeting included "an extensive tour" of the production line which was "fully staffed with a very busy team." One attendee concluded that there was "a lot of money being spent" in the EEStor facility, adding, "they're not building pet rocks in there." As well, Dick Weir reportedly said with a chuckle, "Now, the bloggers say we can't do this... but we're doing it!"

The tour was a typical outreach effort from a representative like Congressman John Carter, where local businesses are contacted to gain feedback.

I contacted Phil Brewer and Larry Holt from the Cedar Park Economic Development Council for comment on this tour, however, both declined official comment besides acknowledging that it did indeed occur. This blogger's presumption is that they are adhering to EEStor's desire for secrecy.

Via email, Congressman Carter issued this statement regarding his visit to EEStor facilities:

"It is exciting that we have a Central Texas company this close to
revolutionizing transportation as we know it in America. The electric
storage technology that I saw at EEStor can dramatically change the
entire automotive industry and our overall economy when placed in mass
product. I'm looking forward to great things in the very near future
from this company." - U.S. Rep. John Carter (R-TX31)

Congressman John Carter R (TX) pictured with former CIA Director James Woolsey (left)
at a 2006 DC Plug-in Hybrid event

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Brian said...

If Eestor is ends up being a bunch of BS this will be the best con job I have ever witnessed. I hope they are for real!