Monday, August 31, 2009

Major Nanosolar News scheduled for Sept 9, 2009 or The September 9, 2009 Announcement Page

Followers of the EEStory know I'm not entirely one dimensional. I do track other technologies and one of them is solar printing mystery company Nanosolar. As I do periodically, I shot a note to Martin Roscheisen this morning requesting an interview. Within 4 minutes, I had a reply saying he would allow the interview in the 2nd half of September and that there is

"some significant news upcoming on 9/9."

Indeed, the Nanosolar website has been updated to reflect an upcoming announcement.

So, let me summarize the announcements on September 9, 2009 or 2009 September 9 if you are in Australia or other places. Apple is announcing something on 9/9. Nanosolar is announcing something on 9/9. The Beatles are announcing something on 9/9 Anyone else? EEStor? 9/9? :-) (relax, it's not a tease. just a question)

Note: Dick Weir and Martin Roscheisen both once worked at Xerox PARC. I queried PARC media relations about this and was told, "we reached out to several of our veteran scientists in our hardware research organizations, but none of them remembers either Richard Weir or Martin Roscheisen." It's interesting to me that both now seem poised to produce important technological breakthroughs using printing technology.


Bretspot said... is celebrating its 10 year anniversary! :)

Unknown said...

I have read Edwin Black's book "Internal Combustion". In addition to the fire at Edison's laboratory there is also the strange fact that batteries shipped from NJ passed all tests when leaving but failed the same tests when they arrived in Michigan. Interestingly, when Ford and Edison advertised their plans for electric vehicles almost a hundred years ago, they gave all the complaints about ICEs that we have today. They actually planned electric vehicles with home charging from renewable sources.

Black covers several different scandals in his book. The electric locomotive was invented in this country and is now used all over the world but not here.

After World War II, GM conducted a systematic campaign to wipe out electrified transportation in cities and suburbs. Among other things they bought companies and put them out of business. People as old as I am remember a time when in American cities the main means of transportation was electric trolleys.

The triumph of the ICE was not through the free market.