Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Supplier Announces EEStor Contract in support of Zenn Motor Company

At some point recently, EEStor supplier Polarity Inc., announced via it's website a contract with EEStor Inc. In its entirety, the terse release says:

2009 Awarded contract from EESTOR to integrate Polarity’s high power HV to LV converter into EESTOR's EESU that will be used in Zenn Motor Company’s small to medium size electric car

The converter in question is further described on Polarity's Products page:

Polarity designed this HVLV600 DC to DC converter with the following specifications:

  • Input Voltage - 3700VDC to 700VDC
  • Output voltage and current - 600VDC, 17A
  • Maximum Output Power - 10KW
  • Short circuit proof
  • Effeciency > 90%
  • Cooling - Maximum base plate temp 60C

Monitoring and control

  • Battery charge complete
  • Battery voltage
  • Buss voltage
  • Inhibit
  • Up conversion enable
  • Down conversion enable
  • Overload
  • External 12VDC power supply

Polarity has also had a patent publish in Aug 2008 at WIPO.

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hendersn said...

So where do the 12V to run the controller come from; a lead acid battery? The 86% efficiency to make 600V (((1-.4^2)/1)*90%)will be further reduced by the motor controller efficiency; what do you suppose that is? The 600V output only makes 14 HP; pretty weak for a car!

windbourne said...

The 600V output only makes 14 HP; pretty weak for a car!

Yes, you are correct. It would be far too weak for a sports car. OTH, it might be a pretty good motor for say a riding lawn mower, or perhaps a small delivery vehicle.

A small 14 hp motor combine with say a 25-50 lb eesu MIGHT be a pretty good fishing electric boat. Or that might be used in an RV, motor home, or even 40-50' boat to make use of this. I would guess that much of the electronics on these are DC, not AC. Skip the generator and go with this instead. Of course, this all depends on EESTOR being real.

slimsim said...

Why couldn't they just use more than one? The early Volksw. bug had only 25kw engine and could go 71 mph. Many tech advances have come since then, two of these units would match that performance easily.

Anyways, it will take years to develop the automobile side of these EEstores. For now, Those stats are extremely satisfying, I never drive faster than 60mph anyway, and I live in a major US city.