Monday, July 27, 2009

Waiting for EEStor by Bugging Steven Chu at the Department of Energy

Are you bored waiting for EEStor to make the big reveal? Not sure what to do with yourself or how to accelerate your own personal energy storage Christmas-like event? Maybe you could communicate your desire to see the Department of Energy take a greater interest in energy storage projects like EEStor's? (And no, there are no lithium ion projects that qualify for that distinction.) A great new way to do just that seems to have become available recently. I'm talking about Steven Chu's Facebook page.

I challenge you, the person reading this sentence (yes even you Dick McGraw), to go on to Facebook and ask Steven Chu as many battery-related questions as you can muster. My recommendations:

1) Can you please share your views on EEStor ultracapacitor technology and any efforts similar in potential impact?

2) Why should the USA invest so much money in lithium ion batteries for automotive applications when the quantity of lithium available for this purpose is disputed?

3) Why has the Dept of Energy chosen not to reveal an alphabetical list of every company who has applied for Stimulus funds in the Advanced Vehicle and Battery Manufacturing programs? Why do we have to wait for awards to be made before we can learn who has applied given that transparency is an important goal of the Obama administration?

While I did use the word "bugging" in the blog post topic heading, I do not actually encourage you to bug the man literally. However, I do encourage you to utilize this medium of communication en masse to shine a light on energy storage for Dr. Chu. Who knows, he may actually have something interesting to say about it. (one can hope, right?)

.....aaaaaannd BEGIN!


Chance said...

Great idea.

Anonymous said...

If I was going to take the time to "bug" Steven Chu, I would ask him how he could possibly support the travesty, that is the Cap n' tax bill. Maybe ask him how he can support wind and solar with a straight face. Ask him how he sleeps at night knowing that the Science is all bull in both these areas, he knows it and still supports it.

Bretspot said...

Why not a crap-ton of money for developing hot-rocks geothermal? :)

windbourne said...

I would ask him how he could possibly support the travesty, that is the Cap n' tax bill
Actually, I WISH that they would push a cap/tax bill rather than Cap/Trade. Cap/Trade will actually do the opposite of what is sought. Basically, China and India will be offered Coal plants at even cheaper prices, so they will build more. OTH, if we would do a cap, and then tax ALL items at retail purchase based on CO2 AND pollution emissions of the originating country, it would actually help us by equating value to our (and other western nations) having cleaner power plants.