Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The impossibility of EEStor's impossibility is itself Impossible

"The impossibility of EEStor's impossibility is itself Impossible, " so says a group of 3rd order naysayer believers who call themselves "Ferro-Para-analytic EEstorextentialists" at a recent online gathering of the group.

"We've looked at this thing three ways from Sunday and the evidence is very clearly in our favor," said an unknown participant. When pressed to unpack the seemingly repetitive description to produce a simple belief statement, the group declined further comment.

This is further proof that splinter groups with even stranger beliefs than the fringe are emerging and could morph further into free-->ee radicals.


Alex said...

Does anyone understand what this means?

geofreeparts said...

YES! You have to know! To Know!

It is a swipe at certain intellectuals who are debating the existence of a Higher Power Source :)

No pun intended.

Woobily said...

The earth IS flat, you know.