Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ian Clifford On Tour

Ian Clifford If you've been scratching your head about the recent movement of Zenn Motor's stock the past two trading days AND you live in Southern California, perhaps you could pay a visit to Ian Clifford who will be speaking at Fortune's Brainstorm Green 2009.

I recommend you take an ECO-LIMO to the event. Why? For a variety of reasons but mainly because you don't have the guts to travel there in a GIGANTIC dump truck.

It's interesting to see a Zenn car pictured in an Edmunds.com blog post
about William Clay Ford II. I've often mentioned that I believe Ford will be the first large manufacturer to be able to utilize EEStor technology. 

2:00–3:00 PM



Brian Dumaine, Global Editor, Fortune

Confirmed Speakers:
Mike Andrew, Director of Government, Affairs and External Communications, Hybrid Battery Systems, Johnson Controls, Inc.
Ian Clifford, Chief Executive Officer, Zenn Motor Co.
Charles Gassenheimer, Chairman and CEO, Ener1, Inc.
Li Lu, Founder and General Partner, LL Investment Partners

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Marc said...

Registration is closed for this years event. There will be over 120 speakers and yes it appers that Ian is one of them though he is not listed as a confirmed speaker. I would imagine what will happen is that there will be break out rooms where the side speakers (Ian) will be giving presentations while Bill C. and Bil Ford will speak before the General Assembly and get the big speaker bucks.

Still this is a really nice Hotel and even though it is listed as a Green event the main green they are talking about is dollars. I would have liked to attend but one it is sold out this year and two I did not see what they charge for registration.

Anyway, it is my humble opinion that based on what I saw unless Ian is planning on dropping a bombshell of news on the meeting this is not what caused our run up.

Once again imo