Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Ceramic Society Bulletin: Zenn Installing Capacitor Bank?

A prominent academic researcher tipped me off to this article on ultracaps in the April 09 American Ceramic Society Bulletin. It includes an article on ultracaps for vehicles with a section on EEStor and Zenn Motor Company.

<--There is a photo with a caption that reads, A Zenn Motor assembly line worker installs a capacitor bank.

Check with Zenn for more info. :-)

UPDATE: Most believe the photo is simply misattributed to Zenn. I'm unavailable to doublecheck it myself with Zenn/ACS.

UPDATE #2: The publication confirmed the photo is simply mistagged. It is not a vehicle made by Zenn.


Y_PO said...
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nekote said...

No confirmation, from ZENN, yet, as to authenticity.

Some guessing a publishing error.

Confusing Zenn w/AFS Trinity

Anonymous said...

Most electric cars employ Ultra caps for regenerative breaking/Power boost features. But they definitely aren't installed where that guy is working.

AD said...

Shurely shome mishtake.

JoelSapp said...

With all the secrecy surrounding EEStor, this can't really be a what it says it is. I suspect they were at ZENN because the photo not only says ZENN in the caption, but also in the attribution and the page was speaking about ZENN as well. The worker is probably just installing a battery pack.