Monday, March 2, 2009

An Unintelligible Post on IP

Article describing Gov't interest in Patents.

2008 Top Patent Firms.

A patent scoring system. Another one.

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Book-em-Dano said...

Nice find, b. I figured something like this had to be going on. Puts a new angle on KPC&B's investment in RPX, and further illuminates the quality of John Doer's influence as a member of the new Science Council. I'm sure he also loves the fact that Congress and the Senate are bypassed, and they report directly to the president.

There's a few places where they jump to erroneous conclusions based on the data, but this passage is spot-on:

"Financial Modeling encompasses a broad range of patent metrics intended to aid any form of monetary model. More specifically, these models are increasingly used for equity trading or fund management. Many IP-driven financial models focus on establishing a correlation between stock market-to-book values and a technology-based market-to-book value for a company. Currently, modeling the market-to-book for the entire U.S. economy is impractical, but in the future, patent metrics could be introduced into broader economic models to help identify the technologic health of nations and the intangible value of their technology. Moreover, future patent enhanced economic models may be able to better track and predict economic booms or declines. At the very least, the additional information will create better transparency on the true value of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)."

What I wouldn't give to head up a team like that, with access to a super computer cluster.

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