Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lockheed Stakes It's Claim on Power Management with New Website

Is EEStor partner, Lockheed Martin on the verge of lowering it's stealth with regard to it's possible use of EEStor technology? It's a fair question to consider after surveying a new webpage Lockheed has released which outlines it's Power Management capabilities. It contains additional photos and a new video which outline Lockheed's strategy in this space.

The video introduces the "BladeBatt Energy Kiosk" a system that allows for the charging of multiple EESU's....oops...I mean BattPack's.

What jumps out at me at first glance is the new BattPack brochure. It describes two types of Battpack unit, Type A which is "designed to feed maximum power as quickly as possible to meet high volume, urgent demand" and Type B which provides "longest battery life at nominal output." But! the brochure only includes the energy density of of type B in the margin on the left. What about Type A Lockheed Martin? To get the answer, you might try the phone number listed in the brochure. To whom does that line connect you? Lionel Liebman.

Before you start getting too excited, notice too that Lockheed created a new brochure for wearable power and it includes partners Quallion and ndenergy.

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