Friday, January 16, 2009

Ian Clifford on BNN ...with's Kevin Smith

Ian Clifford from a couple days ago on BNN. No net new news.  It's amazing how much coverage Clifford and team are able to garner for Zenn Motor Company. 
At the end of the segment, let the video continue and have a listen to Kevin Smith, editorial director of
He was asked what he thought about Ford/Magna and lithium ion versus Zenn Motor/EEstor. My read on his response is that he's simply unfamiliar with EEStor and Zenn Motor Company.
I know that sounds crazy given his line of work but my reasoning is if he were actually familiar he would have addressed the potential of EEStor
and said something intelligent about just how important EEStor's technology is to the future of electric cars. But instead Smith foundered a bit with a lithium vs lead acid thought. I dont know anyone who thinks lead acid is a contender with lithium ion. The whole question is can anything beat lithium ion and Zenn Motor's and EEStor is saying yes. Note to Kevin Smith: brush up on your EEstor knowledge since it will soon enough become a pervasive aspect of the industry you cover.

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