Friday, January 2, 2009

EEStor & Partner Trademark Applications

Here's an article with links to trademark applications for EEStor and partners, Zenn Motor Company and LightEVs.

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DGDanforth said...

Looking at the 'specimen' document of the Trade Mark for the 24V-BDHD device, I am impressed that the size is, indeed, almost exactly 1 liter in volume weights 2.2 kg (5 lbs). It holds 26.7 amp hours which when discharged at 20 amps (continuous) will last longer than 1 hour.

So *if* you can drive a car at 20 amps, it will go for an hour. If it takes N times 20 amps to go at 60 miles per hour then you can go 240 miles in 4 hours using 20N amps which would be delivered by 4N BDHD units. I assume N would be something like 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

At $50/unit ($52-$62) this would cost $200N (for a max range of 240 miles). Taking N=5 it still costs only $1000. Which is extremely cheap compared with Lithium batteries.

The question is can you really drive a car with this unit? Using P = IV for the power released by the capactor (not the power necessarily delivered to the wheels) we find P = 480 watts (20A*24V). I have seen numbers as high as 50KW needed to drive an electric car so this would need N=100 to drive at that power consumption for 1 hour or N=400 to drive for 4 hours. This makes the cost more like $20,000 and the weight about 2,000 lbs with a volume of 400 liters.

Do you really need 50KWs? This is probably too high by a factor of two which would bring the cost, weight, and size down to reasonable values.

This is a very interesting device.