Friday, May 2, 2008

This is a great resource for folks trying to learn more about Ultracapacitors. And they got an email today from Ian Clifford who is the CEO of Zenn Motors. The email announced that an EEStor enabled electric vehicle would ship in Fall 2009 as stated previously at the annual shareholder meeting. ZENN has global rights to sell kits to convert gas vehicles to electric. Wow, that's quite a catch if the technology is as disruptive as it's billed to be.

Really, check out the site: of good info.
Ian Clifford's mug on right. Hey Ian, why not send me an email??? Or give me 10 minutes for an interview!


Greg Allen said...

I think the ZENN City car will be a big hit. The super high gas prices really help people take another look at alternatives. The ability for ZENN to convert gas to electric using EEStor will be even bigger.. there are soo many people out there now looking to do this.

You have a great blog.. it’s one of my favorites! I always look forward to reading.

Greg Allen

PPP said...

A ZENN passed me while I was was riding my bike through Lake Oswego (Oregon) last month. It was very exciting to see it. It made virtually no noise. It was a momentous day seeing the car.

Eddie said...

The great thing about ZENN and
it's CEO Ian Clifford, is the commitment NOT to feed the hype surrounding all the
"possibilities". So many other companies have falsely taken advantage of the market's feverish desire to realize next generation alternatives ... it's refreshing to see a company/ceo which is
qualified, poised, and honest. In the end, this is always the mark of a winner. I too am looking forward to the cityZENN but understand that the public (and investors) must be patient. No matter what, ZENN's upcoming product/s are sure to move us in the right direction and the company's future certainly looks bright.

Eddie Alexander