Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ian Clifford to answer questions posed by Community

Ian Clifford, head of Zenn Motor Company, has agreed to answer questions developed by community. To participate, submit questions via the comment section of the original announcement. Zenn Motor Company is the first manufacturer to market EEStor Inc. Electrical Energy Storage Untits (EESU's), a rival technology to Lithium Ion, in use by the recently announced GM Volt vehicle and other vehicles under development.

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Anonymous said...

The following was posted on several blogs back in June:

"Sometime over the next several weeks, a privately-held and ultra-secretive company named EEStor Inc. based in Cedar Park, Texas is expected to release the results of independent third-party testing of its electrical energy storage unit, which aims to replace the electrochemical batteries we now use in everything from hybrid cars to laptop computers."

Maybe you'd like to ask Ian Clifford how he can continue to have so much faith in a company which, from day one, has never kept it's word about a single thing they have ever promised?

The promise was, and I quote "independent third-party testing of its electrical energy storage unit", NOT the results of studies discussing the theoretical possibility of building such a device, NOT an observation that they MIGHT be able to produce one of these devices. They promised the results of tests conducted on a REAL, PHYSICAL unit.

This company promises to be a true global force which will change the way energy is stored forever, but all we get from them are delayed timelines and empty, unfulfilled promises.

EESTOR: Vapourware for Life(tm)