Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I need some help

If you have any experience migrating a blog from blogspot to a regular domain, can you shoot me a note? Looking for a clue with regard to google pagerank and SEO, etc. Wondering about dual posting blog entries, etc. shoot me an email to : eestorblog@gmail.com t h a n k s...


Matt said...

What's wrong with blogspot? Everyone knows your URL already.

b said...

not planning to leave this URL. just need to add some features not available on blogspot.

nekote said...

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

Keep trying!

And, Thank You!

Manthan said...

all you have to do is make an automatic redirect.


that should do it.

so everyone is happy!

FLX said...

talking about features - while I really like your blog and read it every day, is there any chance you can remove the link to "stock trading robots" - it is clearly a scam I might sucker in a lot of people. the following thread has a discussion on the subject http://www.onlinetradersforum.com/showthread.php?t=14607
Give it some thought,
thks FLX

zawy said...

Domain name, use godaddy
Server, user ICDhost
you already know of a great web forum

Ranking high on google: build a great web site with EEStor and Zenn in a very short and very big title at the very top "EEStor and Zenn - Uncovered". Include EEStor and Zenn in the proper heading tags and nothing else except those two words. Make sure those words appear a few more times on the web page. Have every page have a link back to home page. Have a link at the top of your blogspot very short with "zenn" and "EEstor" in it. Ask everyone to link to the new page on both web sites. Think of ways that will make people link to your web site. Don't try to cheat. I've ranked #1 on various common phrases for 12 years, which is how i am able to sit around and goof off everyday.

Consider google ads in every new post and thread so that they automatically gets placed into Google's cache instead of having to submit URLs (i programmed my message board to do it). You only have to do it a few days for each new page and no one will complain. But remember that may kill your rankings at msn and yahoo.

Ask us for a new website name. If we have a better one, forget your old one.

b said...

zawy, you are the man i need to talk to. email me: eestorblog@gmail.com

zawy said...

b, you know my email. you email me. besides, that post above are all my secrets. if you have detailed questions that need detailed answers, email for my phone number.

I wish Google didn't return search results that redirect to require payment before displaying the words you searched for. I suspect kickbacks from the major journals. If so, Google is now doing paid rankings.