Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mystery EEStor blogger interviews Mystery EEStor blogger

Well now, this is certainly strange. has an article out today covering some recipients (Aptera and ActaCell) of investment from's RechargeIT program.  Since ActaCell is a competitor to EEStor, this blog was mentioned in reference to it's author. :-)  See also,'s link.  To satisfy previous criticisms of this blog's form, I've decided to interview the blogger in question to uncover any additional facts regarding the story.

B: You sir, are you the mystery EEStor blogger that's receiving so many new inbound links here?
B: No Comment.
B: No comment?!! But this is important! The good people of earth who read this blog rely on it to learn previously unlearn-able information regarding EEStor. It's not enough to merely provide this information, everyone's complete curiosity must be completely satisfied especially if you can walk them through exactly how to replicate an EESU or make an investment decision concerning Zenn Motor. Now talk, sir!
B: Next question. 
B: Stop laughing as you are typing, sir! Don't you have anything to say for yourself?
B: Actually yes, I'm glad we finally get to have a conversation like this in a public setting. I've always hated sneaking around out of earshot. 
B: Well, how will you react if mrjerry or richterm or marcus do not approve of this latest posting?
B: I never read the comments of this blog. Who are they?  


richterm said...


Very nice B. I hope my comments don't come off as critical of you. I appreciate your efforts (if you're for real).

steve said...


The best part was just seeing the title turn up in the google search engine

"Mystery EEStor blogger interviews Mystery EEStor blogger"

This will mess with some minds, bwa hahahaha!!!


mrjerry said...

ROFL.... sometimes you just got to laugh at yourself, done well B.

Pete said...

Blogger... I'm afraid you might be losing it. Still, keep up the blogging anyway.

Chris M said...

At least you didn't interview yourself as Fake Dick Weir.

ankur said...

I cant stop laughing because I have a smiley face.

steve said...

More B intrigue,

anybody seen the Zenn blogspot? New article on B