Thursday, July 17, 2008

EEStor vs other battery technologies

This has been reported elsewhere but thought it was a good addition to the blog. 


steve said...


Obviously, this guy is some kind of wizard and has a history or pushing boundaries. take a look at this article from September '99. Kind of spooky in that he discusses the "fractional toughness of glass" as it pertains to increasing the capacity of disc drives for storage and now he's doing the same thing again with storage... this time of energy.

Richard Weir is obsessed by storage. Cool...

nekote said...

FINALLY, a pretty version of that table I first saw as part of the OCR scanned 2006 WIPO patent document!


Is the trick simply to print the table to a .pdf and make it an image???

nekote said...

Interestingly, as far as computer / hard drive storage, the Barium Titanate was studied for its ability to be polarize and re-polarized - aka 0 and 1 bits.

Just the sort of thing done in re-writable optical platters.

Now being used as a capacitor to store (electrical) energy.

Beale said...

So, the discovery of this Ba and Ti electricity-holding ability was simply a fortuitous accident along the road to a more perfect disc drive?..."Gee whiz, Watson, that was quite a spark!" ???