Thursday, July 31, 2008

A couple format changes

In an attempt to draw even more skittish but possibly insightful souls into the various dialogues here, I am running a little scientific experiment of my own. I flipped on anonymous posting, thus eliminating the need to set up a blogger account to comment here. As a result though, it could introduce undesirable content so I turned on capta too. I already see some persons taking advantage of anonymity. I posted also a more thoroughly spelled out version of this blog's disclaimer implied herein previously.

Not a few people are uncomfortable with blog or forum formats such as these. Some people want everything on record and everyone accountable for everything they say. I can see the need for it in certain environments but in a blog, what we're all trying to do here at least is sift through information to arrange coherent narratives to make sense of EEStor and its potential impact on the world or us. Some speech is inherently theoretical even if not identified as such when uttered or written. On this blog, that is evident from the fact that people occasionally delete their comments later. Finally, to reiterate what's been said again and again: do not rely on information on this blog to make investment decisions--consult a professional. No information is offered here or should be construed to help you make decisions about investments. The author if this blog has no special relationship with Zenn or EEStor, has no relations with anyone who has a special relationship with Zenn or EEStor. The single unifying purpose of this blog has been only to centralize information about EEStor and facilitate discussion regarding EEStor and it's many proposed benefits and advantages over various battery markets.


Anonymous said...

Well done. I myself am an avid reader and sometimes wouldike to contribute.

Mark Thailand

Anonymous said...

I use Typekey instead of Google/Blogger so it's nice to finally be able to comment here.

- Orion, the Cake Man.

nekote said...

Usually the reason to delete a comment is if something is spotted later - usually a typo in nature, especially if it is in a URL - that needs to be corrected?

AFAIK, it is *not* possible for a commentor to edit their comment(s).

One of the short comings of this current / software / platform. Always room for improvement.

Ken said...

B, my RSS feed reader shows no text for your posts now. Also, the posts were truncated before when this worked. Will you please re-enable this and set it so that the full article shows in the RSS feed reader?