Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Revenue from conversion kits?

I spoke to a reader about his napkin estimate of potential revenue Zenn Motor could receive if things went well with EESTor.  The conversation included some tips regarding what next to ask Ian Clifford when the opportunity arises.  Thanks!


George Miller said...

Having had expeience with EV conversions, the estimates for parts and installation is unrealistically low.

Tom Villars said...
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Tom Villars said...

George, which parts do you consider to low? The engine cost are direct from UQM and the EEStor price is from their business plan although that was from 2004 and may be dated. As noted, the misc cost are just a guess so I'd like to know what you think is more realistic.

Also can you comment further on the installation? What is a reasonable fee for lets say a car dealership switching out the engine using a ZENNergy Drive Kit?