Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blogger Discusses cityZenn obsoleting GM Volt

Nice blog entry comparing cityZenn and Eestor based vehicles to the GM Volt. Excerpt from the article:

Green technology companies have recently been enjoying a surge of investment dollars and Eestor’s customer Zenn Motor Co. is a great example. “Its shares have gained 81% over the past three months on the Toronto Venture Exchange despite the fact the company has yet to post a profit.”

Also note another new forum thread on the topic.


Tom Villars said...

Thanks for letting me guest blog a post.

Jim said...

The Chevy Volt concept and design is good, but the $16K price for the Lithium Ion Volt battery makes the car impractical and too expensive to have a very large market. It's almost as if GM still wants to kill the electric car. Unless GM puts a more affordable battery in the Volt, GM may be much closer to bankruptcy. It is hard to understand how GM management could be so out of touch with the consumer market.