Monday, September 24, 2007

CNET article

Interesting article concerning the EEStor and Zenn motor relationship. Essentially, the article states a delay in production is occurring...which is interesting because anything that's that close to production is way past the prototype phase.


HJ said...

This delay may having nothing to do with prototypes. It could be a delay in setting up production. It's not unusal especially for a startup.

auntiegrav said...

I'm a little wary of someone putting 15KWH of electricity in their car in 'minutes'. If we extrapolate that to 5 minutes, for example, that is 180 KW, or, at 120 volts, about 1500 Amps. I can't imagine that would be 'safe' in any context of the word, especially thinking that Buffy the teenage wonderdoll is going to be doing the plugging in.
I see serious infrastructure problems there. Better to stop trying to replace gasoline and let people charge their cars overnight. I think GM had a good idea with the EV inductive paddle system. To transfer 1500 amps inductively, you might just melt a hole in the car pretty fast.